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Traditional Japanese bonsai scissors, a century old tradition

Japan is known for its masterful blacksmithing. Especially the swords and knives are in focus here. For every person who deals with bonsai, however, are not beautiful and good knives important, but here are the bonsai scissors in the foreground. 

The master blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the last of his profession. He makes traditional Japanese scissors and this according to centuries-old tradition. Because of this meticulous and ancient craftsmanship, it takes Hirakawa four times longer to make his Japanese bonsai scissors than it does to make traditional knives. 

If you want to have the pleasure of owning such a pair of scissors, you will have to spend a lot of money. The most expensive bonsai scissors costs 35,000 dollars.

These stainless steel scissors are very suitable for pruning back buds on pine trees and cutting out fine branches on junipers. But it can also be used for pruning other, smaller bonsai. The scissors have relatively small handles, but this is completely sufficient for the area of ​​application, as only little effort is required here. Thanks to the slim and short shape, the precise work can also be carried out quickly and effectively. The scissors are of very high quality and require little maintenance due to the stainless steel used.

How to water my Bonsai?

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How to water my Bonsai?

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Keeping a Bonsai tree alive is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you should be aware of. Bonsai trees are planted in small pots with minimal space for water and nutrient reserves. That means you need to water and fertilize your tree regularly. Make sure your Bonsai gets plenty of light, water, and fertilize when needed and your tree is sure to thrive!

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Each tree species has specific requirements for its cultivation, training, and care. This means selecting the right tree species for your environment (or identifying which tree species you might already have) is crucial to keeping it healthy. We will help you select the tree that's right for you, or identify the tree you already have. The most popular species include the Ficus and Juniper

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A common misconception is that the plants used for Bonsai are genetically 'dwarfed' plants. Bonsai trees are normal plants, propagated like any other, but trained using sophisticated techniques to keep them miniature. The styling of these miniature trees involves important techniques like regular pruning and wiring.