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How to water my Bonsai?

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How to water my Bonsai?

Though Bonsai trees are more delicate than the average indoor plant, these few basic rules should enable anyone to take care of their tree properly. Pay particular attention to watering, fertilization, and choosing the right location for your tree. 

Find out whats the populate Bonsai species!

Each tree species has specific requirements for its cultivation, training, and care. This means selecting the right tree species for your environment (or identifying which tree species you might already have) is crucial to keeping it healthy. We will help you select the tree that's right for you, or identify the tree you already have. The most popular species include the Ficus and Juniper

Do you know whats the top 10 Bonsai tips? Find it out.

A common misconception is that the plants used for Bonsai are genetically 'dwarfed' plants. Bonsai trees are normal plants, propagated like any other, but trained using sophisticated techniques to keep them miniature. The styling of these miniature trees involves important techniques like regular pruning and wiring.

How to water a bonsai tree and how much fertilizer it needs?

Only a healthy tree is a happy tree. To achieve this, no technique is as important as proper watering and the right amount of fertilizer. Here you will find helpful tips about watering and fertilizing

Why we have to repot a Bonsai tree?

If you want to successfully create bonsai must first and foremost think about the care of bonsai.

Repotting bonsai is one of the most important care techniques and very crucial for the long-term health of bonsai trees. Unfortunately, it is often neglected or done incorrectly. Yet repotting bonsai trees is not complicated but a simple and basic horticultural technique.

Find out how to pruning bonsai?

Without a doubt, the most important way to train a Bonsai is to prune it regularly. There are two different techniques: Maintenance-pruning, to maintain and refine the existing shape of a Bonsai, and structural-pruning, which involves more rigorous pruning to give a tree its basic shape or style.

Wiring Bonsai tree

Wiring is a very important technique used to train and style Bonsai trees. By wrapping wire around the branches of a tree you can bend and reposition the branches to your liking. It takes a few months before the branches are set in their new position(s). Remove the wire once the branches have set.